About Aspitech

Aspitech is Adelaide's leading electronic recycling facility who offer a responsible way to recycle electronics achieving real environmental and social outcomes for South Australians.

What is E-Waste?
Electronic devices today are ubiquitous: smartphones, computers, TVs, printers and gaming consoles, to name a few, are used every day in our homes and businesses.  With advances in technology these same devices are soon superseded. 

Electronic equipment and other devices when no longer wanted have become a problem and so are called e-waste.

What is electronics recycling or e-cycling? 
Until recently most electronics have ended in conventional waste management and landfill.  However the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme is ensuring that importers and manufacturers recycle electronic equipment at no cost to the consumer.

This is where e-cycling is doing something positive for the environment by diverting electronic equipment and other devices from landfill avoiding unnecessary waste and recovering valuable resources before they become an e-waste problem.  

To achieve this Aspitech offers a unique two tiered approach of reuse and recycle.

Reuse for the community
Reusing technology has significant benefits to the environment not only reducing waste but also a smaller carbon footprint, as it requires energy to recycle materials. Consequently Aspitech identify technology that is still usable and make it available for sale at low cost.  Aspitech is also participant in the Microsoft Refurbisher program meaning we can also offer low-cost computers with genuine Microsoft software for students and people with low incomes.

Safe and effective e-recycling
Aspitech sorts and dismantles all electronic devices in our factory undercover and has deployed internationally recognised standards for environmental protection and work place safety.  Using these standards Aspitech achieves a very high standard and can recover over 95% of usable materials diverting it from landfill. 

Aspitech does not reprocess any potentially hazardous materials on-site. Electronic equipment is dismantled and sorted into their different material categories (metal, glass, printed circuit boards and plastic). This is then shipped safely to environmentally responsible processors that Aspitech have assessed to provide the best environmental outcome.

A great video made by the ABC Kids News program about e-cycling and Aspitech.